Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

People have been entering hypnotic-type

trances for thousands and thousands of years.

Studies have shown us that good hypnotic

subjects are active problem solvers. And, while

it is true that the subconscious mind is more

open to suggestion during hypnosis, that

doesn't mean that the subject's free will or

moral judgment is turned off. So, one doesn’t

do things while hypnotized that they would not

ordinarily desire to do. Hypnosis just serves to

help you strengthen your own will power and

make changes that you already want to make.

Although, some people are more easily

hypnotized than other people, hypnotic

responsiveness doesn't seem to correlate in

expected ways with personality traits, such as

gullibility, imagery ability or submissiveness.

Another similar study suggests that people

who become very engrossed in day-to-day

activities may be more easily hypnotized.

Through subsequent studies, researchers

learned that 95 percent of people can be

hypnotized to some extent (with most scoring

in the midrange on the Stanford Scale).



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