Teaching people to reframe their

perceptions, accept themselves, and

modify unsuccessful behaviors into

successful ones so that they can

attain their optimal well being and

healthfulness are my greatest desires.

I want to help each person feel like

the unique, valuable, human being

that they are inherently. I want to

help each person to strengthen their

connection with their own creativity,

motivation and resourcefulness. I

believe that each personís potential is

limitless. With the varied modalities of

hypnotherapy, NLP, and guided

imagery, I want to help you to

achieve your highest goals of

change, prosperity, and confidence.

Mission Statement

I desire to facilitate positive change in your life by using hypnotherapy as a therapeutic tool for transformation.  I want to provide a safe therapeutic environment for you to explore and unfold the innermost aspects of your life so that you can reboot whatever is not currently working in your life. And, as part of this, whenever possible, I also want to help you to connect or reconnect with your creative and positive abilities as an impetus to help you manifest continued positive growth in your life. I want to help you find your personal best.

Victoria Vaughn-Perling, C.Ht.


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